Preventol duo shampoo

Preventol duo

Flea and tick repellent shampoo for dogs and cats

Max. 7 days
200 ml
Active ingredient: geraniol 0,9g/100g

Refresh your pet's fur and protect it from fleas and ticks with PREVENTOL DUO flea and tick repellent shampoo! The 200 ml shampoo provides effective protection while pampering your pet's skin and fur. Try it now and create a clean and protected environment with PREVENTOL DUO shampoo! They provide a practical solution for keeping fleas and ticks away before and after trips and walks in the woods and outdoors.


Unscrew the cap of the shampoo bottle, then dispense the amount that corresponds to your dog or cat's body weight. One cap contains 6 ml of product, enough for 10 kg of body weight. Pour the amount of shampoo onto the pre-moistened fur and skin, then make it foam and massage it into the skin and fur. Apply a generous amount of shampoo, especially around the ears, belly, tail and curves, where fleas and ticks are most likely to be found. Avoid getting the shampoo in the eyes, mouth or ear canal of the animal. Make your pets drink before bathing to prevent them from drinking the bathing solution. Rinse the shampoo with lukewarm water, then repeat the application in the same way two more times. Wait for the animal to dry before letting it out. Lasts up to one week after application.

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Preventol duo

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Preventol duo

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Preventol duo

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